Lena J Mjerskaug

Born May 31th 1969, I own and live on the farm Mjerskaug in Ytre Enebakk, approx. 30 kilometers south-east of Oslo, the capital of Norway.

After graduating high school, I was accepted to the Royal Norwegian Air Force Flight Training Academy – with the intention of becoming the first Norwegian female fighter-pilot. However, after approx. one year, the Royal Norwegian Air Force didn’t quite agree with me on that idea anymore…

I hold a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Oslo.
I worked as a teacher and as the local development coordinator in the municipality of Enebakk. Since 1997, I’ve held the position as Deputy Chief – and since 2011, as Chief, Administrative Control, Defense Staff Norway.

I became a member of Enebakk Rotary Club in 1997, being the first woman and the youngest member ever. However, I’ve grown up with Rotary. My late father was a Rotarian (in another club), and was one of the founders of Enebakk Rotary Club back in 1982.
I’ve served Rotary as
– Club president 2003-04.

– Member of the organizing committee/treasurer for “Handicamp Norway” (HCN) in 2006 and 2008
– Member of the organizing committee for the Rotary Institute for the Zones 15 & 16 in 2007 and 2011
– District Governor in 2010-11 (D-2260)
– Board member of the Norwegian Rotary Forum, Norfo (the Multidistrict Adm. Group) 2010-14
– Chairman of the Norfo Board 2012-13
– CYEO and club counsellor in Enebakk Rotary Club

– MDYEO Norway 2014-15
– District Trainer (D-2260) 2012-15

– Member Development Committee Chair (D-2260) 2015-17
– Training Leader for the 2013 International Assembly
– General Trainer for GETS, Zones 15 & 16 in 2013
– Training Team Leader for GETS, Zones 15 & 16, 2014-17
– End Polio Now Zone Coordinator (EPNZC) for Zone 16, 2015-17
– Rotary Coordinator for Zone 16, 2017-18

– Served RI as RI President’s representative at several District Conferences
– Keynote speaker at several Rotary meetings and District’s DISCONs, PETS’ and DTAs.

– Multiple Paul Harris Fellow, EREY, Benefactor and a Major Donor (The Rotary Foundation).

In addition to my work and Rotary, I try to maintain some of my interests; different sports, reading, politics and traveling – aiming to experience the history and culture of the places I visit.