Gillian Pearce

I have been involved in setting up a Vocational Training Team (VTT)  that taught emergency birth skills to health professionals in Kamuli, Uganda. The community needs analysis was done when I volunteered to work as a midwife at Kamuli Mission Hospital supported by Rotary Doctor Bank. The VTT team preparation used the skills of the District 1090 Foundation committee to locate and interview team members and Foundation continue to support the programme today as the District is supporting the VTT to take our training to Ngora. The VTT team has trained over 546 different health professionals. The outcomes of the VTT have been shared professionally, 2 articles on VTT in relation to reducing sepsis and using training aids were published in the Journal of Medical Safety (October 2016).

Rotary Experience and Interests I have experience of Rotary in different arenas from club, to District and RIBI. The roles that I have been involved in are an Assistant Governor (2015-17) in District 1090. As a District International Service Chairman, District 1090 I organised an International Showcase and informed clubs on different projects available. I am a district committee member on community and international. I have been a member of the RIBI International Committee 2015-17 and the area that I represent is disasters and starting International Projects.

I am also involved in Rotary Action Groups Rotarians Eliminating Malaria,  A Rotarian Action Group (REMARAG) and Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group (WASRAG) and fellowship groups Fellowship of Rotary Physicians. I was also a previous member of Rotaract in Hampstead and Falmouth. There is a strong family alliance to Rotary and I am a third generation Rotarian.

Professional background I work as a midwife at Hillingdon Hospital, my main area is governance but I still deliver babies. I am also a qualified nurse and I did my tropical medicine course in Antwerp in French.  My master’s qualification is in Business Affairs which I did with the Open University. I have been recently awarded Scholar of the Florence Nightingale Foundation following submission of an article on Advice for Pregnant Women going to areas that have Malaria.