Anders Paalzow

Anders Paalzow, Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (SSE Riga) holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. He has served as SSE Riga Rector since July, 1999. His main research areas are: macroeconomics, economic growth, competitiveness, entrepreneurship and education. He serves in several European and national public advisory boards and is an expert in competitiveness and regional development for Latvia and the Baltic Sea Region. He also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Baltic International Centre of Economic Policy Studies (BICEPS) and Connect Latvia.

Rotary and Latvia’s Future Development

Rotary constitutes an important part of Latvia’s civil society spectrum. Based on this observation this presentation discusses the role of Rotary in the light of the challenges facing Latvia in terms of political and economic development.

Anders Paalzow has served as President and Rector of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga since 1999. Dr. Paalzow attained his Ph.D from Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden in 1992. Following that he completed Fellowships with The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation as well as The Royal Swedish Academy of Science

Presently, he is also the Acting Director of the Baltic International Centre for Economic Policy Studies, involved with Norway Grants in the capacity of EU-policies impact to the higher education and research systems in Latvia and Norway, Editor of the Baltic Journal of Economics, and Chairman of the Board of Connect Latvija.

His most recent publication, co-authored with Marija Krūmiņa, is “The Business Cycle and Early-Stage Entrepreneurship in Latvia” in the edited volume Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies published by Springer in summer 2017; and an Introduction to “Teaching and Learning Entrepreneurship in Higher Education” published 2017 by the Institute for Learning in Higher Education.