Duo Lauretta

Lauretta is a musical duo that consists of two girls, who both play kokle – latvian national musical instrument. Duo name was created basing on girls names – both are called Laura, therefore this is the reason for creating the name for duo – Lauretta. Kokle is very traditional musical instrument, on which are mostly performed various folk songs, sometimes classical music. People have stereotype that only this kind of music can be played on kokle because they have not heard anything different, but duo Lauretta wants to show unusual perspective by playing popular music on kokle, such as Michael Jackson, Avicii, Imagine Dragons and other well known artists compositions, in girls own cover versions.
Duo Lauretta is quite recently formed, even though girls have played together for many years before, but as a duo it has already participated in different competitions, has performed in weddings and many other events. Duo Lauretta has big plans for future, but most importantly – playing together is girls passion and the biggest reward for them is people, who enjoy their performed music.